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Sliding systems

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What are sliding systems?

Sliding systems enable the opening of large areas and connecting rooms with the outdoor space - with a garden, terrace, other room…
Sliding systems can be used for windows and doors and are becoming increasingly popular for several reasons.

Types of sliding systems

There are several types of these systems depending on the needs and desires of customers, the room where they are installed and the way of performing the opening. For example, depending on the number of rails, there are systems with two and three sliders. A two-slider system allows two or four wings to pass, while a three-slider system allows three or six wings.

Lifting and sliding system

Lifting and sliding systems are used for glazing large openings (up to 10 m wide). This system provides good insulation, wind resistance, ease of handling and a large load capacity of as much as 400 kilograms.

Folding-sliding systems

The principle of this system is the armored opening - when the mechanism is in the open position, the wing is ejected from the plane of the partition, which enables its sliding parallel to the opening.

Accordion system

It has the ability to open the entire surface through folding doors. All the wings can be gathered at one end and thus take up very little space, which allows (thanks to the fact that this system does not have a fixed vertical bar) a panoramic view of the garden, river, lake… 

*The listed types of sliding systems are one of the highest quality and best-selling on our market, if you have any other wish or idea, feel free to contact us.*

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