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Characteristics of
PVC joinery

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Installing modern thermally efficient uPVC windows is an aesthetically pleasing, cost-effective way to replace decaying wood or PVC / aluminum units of older design.



We use the highest quality profiles not only for aluminum but also for PVC joinery. We follow the world's trends and thus adapt to the market.

Sound and thermal insulation

One of the best features of PVC doors and windows is their ability to sound and thermal insulation. Thanks to the air chambers and gaskets, the windows have good thermal insulation and sound characteristics, which causes a reduction in energy consumption, both for heating and cooling the interior, and thus contribute to the protection of the environment.


There are different types of glass on our windows and doors, such as: tempered glass, thermal insulation… In addition to them, two-layer and even three-layer types of glass can be found on the windows.

Quality production
It all starts with good organization and the quality of the joinery itself, we use these two factors in our daily work.
Product quality
Just as we cannot do without good organization, so we cannot do without quality materials. From day to day we try to make our clients satisfied and happy with the quality of the profiles.
Final result
We strive to make our customers happy with what we offer as well as the price-quality ratio.
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