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Entrance doors

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How are our entrance doors made?

We use the highest quality ALU profiles for the production and installation of aluminum doors. Exterior doors in your apartment or house usually require additional insulation, which is obtained by installing aluminum doors made of ALU profiles that have thermal insulation properties that have a high level of both thermal and sound insulation.

Decorative panels

These panels are made of 1.5 mm and 2 mm aluminum in sizes 100 × 200 and 100 × 210. Standard thicknesses of 24 mm, other thicknesses are also available to order from our customers. They are made of high quality aluminum that is highly resistant and durable. Glass and decorations are of different types according to the catalog and customs.

Hidden wings

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*The above examples are not only ones in the offer and there is a possibility of personal choice of design for the panel.*

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