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MPS - Innovations begins with us.

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We offer the most modern technology of powder coating, aluminum, pvc joinery etc.

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A place of modern design and top production.

By constantly monitoring world trends, professional training of employees and the most modern technological and production capacities, our company is able to offer complete solutions to its customers. With 16 years of experience, the company "MPS" has become synonymous with quality, innovation and creativity.

Quality and safety in one place.

Feel safe in the absolute peace and quiet offered by top quality profiles.


You imagine, we realize.

Entrance doors / Decorative panels
Aluminum entrance doors play a decisive role in the design of the building. They shape your entrance space and give a feeling of greater comfort, their characteristics will make your home safer and more beautiful.
klizni sistem
Sliding systems

You save maximum space inside the terrace. The movement of the glass panels takes place in the same plane, so the interior space is completely used. An additional benefit is the great flexibility in terms of the percentage of surface that can be opened.


Aluminum window blinds are characterized by top quality and the way they are made. By installing blinds, you not only get protection from light and heat, but they also act as an additional insulator during cold days.

Powder coating

Powder coating is a process in which the surface protection of metals or non-metals is performed. More and more companies are using the powder as high quality protection, improved efficiency and simplified environmental compliance. It is used as a functional and aesthetic finish.

Do you see yourself in our team?

By constantly advancing and improving our business, we need to expand our team in order to provide employees with a "healthy" but also a better working environment for them, and our further training.

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